Substance painter texture problems

(Spicchio) #1

Hei guys , i'm trying to work on a bullet but i got this 3 problems and i don't know how to solve those.
To begin with when i load the high poly mesh this is what i get in SP.

It's something like substance painter is overlapping two meshes and this is the ugly resoul , how can i have a clean smoothed mesh , or , how can i work only on the highpoly mesh ?

After that there is another problem about texture this time.
I don't know why if i export and load into substance the ambient occlusion and normal map this is what i get , any suggestion about this ?

In both cases i know the problem is that the texture are don't seamless , but how can i solve this ? i just use the "render texture" function in 3ds max , this is the result when i try to load maps into substance painter.
Hope u can try to help me guys, bb.