Substance Painter to Sketchfab [A help Guide to normal maps and triangulation]

(Dark Minaz) #1

Greetings and welcome to Dark-Minaz’s Mini Tutorial “Substance to Sketchfab”

In this short little Tutorial I will show you an alternative Workflow to getting the best possible quality out of Substance Painter for Sketchfab. I will first explain how to export it via the Exporter and where the problems are exactly and then explain how to fix it, with my Jedi Test cube.

So let’s get right to it, once you finished your model and you are happy with it you just go to export as you normally would with the Sketchfab exporter that is built in to Substance Painter.

Export Textures, Config “sketchfab” - export, upload.

Now if we compare the Exporter Version

with the Fixed version

If we look at the Annotations we notice that the normal Map created some Artifacts and the Model creates Tris in areas where we had Quads. So how can we get to the “Fixed” Version?

To start we do the same steps as before, export, for sketchfab but this time we hit cancel and then okay. (Cancel, so it won’t upload it automatically to Sketchfab but that it still generates the model.rar)

We need this step for Albedo,Metallic,Roughness,Opacity and Emission.Now to get a higher normal map we need to set the export settings slightly different.
Change the config to : “Document channels + Normal + ao (no alpha)” and make sure to change from JPG to PNG.

Once this is done you can close Substance Painter and go to your Folder

The blue is the “sketchfab export” and the green is the normal map we need, so you can delete all the rest and then unpack the .zip

So now we got a .dae (the tris model) and a textures folder + the Png Normal Map.
Rename the “Material_Normal_DirectX” to “Material_Normal” and move it into the Textures Folder, Confirming it overwrites the existing image.This fixes the normal map issue and makes it a bit higher quality.
But we also want to change the Tris model, so simply get the Obj/Fbx you used to start the project and exchange it with the .dae, create a new zip and upload it to Sketchfab

And you get a Tris free model with a Higher Quality Normal Map (and in my case with a bit of animation :smiley: )

You can also just create a new profile to simply Export the Normal map on it’s own if you like :slight_smile: Via the configuration

Current Status on an automatic fix:

Triangulation and the lack of export options as alternative was mentioned to Allegorithmic and they are probably working on an update soon.

The lower quality jpg helps run it on multiple devices (including phones and tablets) but can affect the Normal Map and create Artefacts, Sketchfab is currently working on an alternative compression to improve this issue. But since it’s quite a hard issue to fix this might take a while.

(Chaitanyak) #2

Excellent work around :slight_smile:
@sahirvirmani have a look.