Suggestion 2 - Geotags

(Pbourke) #1

How about explicit support for geo-location, latitude and longitude. Of course it only applies to model of real objects but that is a major genre on SketchFab. At the moment the best I can do is list the coordinates like this
It would be “nice” for that to be a link to Google Earth, for example.


You could make “46°31‘14.95”N 6°38‘9.32”E” link to Google Earth using Markdown in the description:

We also have an experimental way to add a geolocation to a model using special tags:

(Pbourke) #3

In the “find by coordinates” it is more common practice to specify longitude first.

(Pbourke) #4

Well, I did it a few hours ago … doesn’t appear yet.
See tags attached.