Suggestion for upload (If it won't be too hard to implement)

(BladeManEXE10) #1

I have a less than ideal internet connection, and my files tend to upload kinda slow. That shouldn’t be a problem. I can just wait for it. But then it encounters a small delay, at which point it deletes all my progress and tells me to try again later.

Is there any way this can be set up where it will keep it’s upload progress when it encounters an error or the internet cuts out? If not, do you have any suggestions for me beyond going to the library and using their wifi?


Some kind of resumable upload would be a very nice feature, but it’s a complicated topic and probably not something we can easily implement. We do support uploading compressed ZIP/RAR/7z archives, which can make your files much smaller and perhaps help avoid this type of connection issue.

(BladeManEXE10) #3

I’ll look more into what I can do with 7Zip. Thanks.