Suggestion: 'Model Modes'

(Cilegna) #1

Aha! i found a thread for suggestions.
Maybe you guys could add something like layers in the sketchfab viewer.
Like let's say i have a character i want to give it a second mode. viewiers would be able to view the different modes in maybe different texture files!
Like different texture sets! :smiley:

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(Tim Vizesi) #2

@cilegna Probably best just to create a "New Topic" instead of resurrecting an old post.
This thread is 3 months old - Sketchfab is less likely to see it.

(Bart) #3

Thanks @timvizesi! I've moved this to a new thread.

@cilegna do you mean something like our Configurator? It's a bit of Javascript code that works with our viewer API.