[Suggestion] Vive camera starts in the ground. Suggest using grips for pan/scale/rotate locomotion

(Andgokevin) #1

The Vive camera starts at the ground. To view the model, I have to reach over the ground and teleport myself up.

At the moment, the grips aren't used for anything. Would be nice to use a locomotion using the grips for scaling/panning (e.g., Google Blocks).

(Andgokevin) #2

When I entered VR, I found myself below the ground so I couldn't teleport.

Trying to scale myself into the right size of the model is a bit difficult. I have to get at the right angle to teleport onto the model, and then shrink myself.

Also on Rift, there is no easy way to turn around without losing the tracking from front-facing cameras. Panning/rotating camera with grips, or allow thumbstick to rotate would help.

(Xmt) #3

I use Windows Mixed Reality and have had this occasionally. More often than not, however, I found the ground way below me. It would certainly be nice to be able to change my elevation. One nice option, which I have not seen implemented anywhere, would be to touch a controller on the physical ground and press a button to align the VR ground.

(Aleahy) #4

Hi, the VR room stage & floor location is part of what you configure when setting up your VR room-scale environment. There shouldn’t be anything ‘extra’ you need to do in Sketchfab.

Except right now that’s broken with Sketchfab VR.

(Xmt) #5

The floor position set is relative to your head height. If you are a short person, or sitting down, the floor will appear lower when you enter VR. To raise the floor, I sometimes have to take of the helmet and hold it above my head before teleporting.

(Aleahy) #6

Hmmm. What headset are you using? Is it room-scale compatible?

The experience with HTC Vive room-scale is that the floor is the floor you set when defining your VR environment in SteamVR. No matter the user height, sitting or standing, the virtual floor matches the real floor.

Try https://webvr.info/samples/XX-vr-controllers.html and place your controller or headset on the real floor. They should appear to sit on the virtual floor.

The parameters of the users environment is part of the VRDisplay.stageParameters

(Xmt) #7

I’m using a Windows Mixed Realilty system, where you can set the floor height. Generally, there is no problem with WebVR, though I have not tried too many other sites. This may be related to the positional tracking problem, i.e., the software perceives that I am floating above or below the floor.

(Aleahy) #8

yup I wouldn’t judge anything by the broken webvr sketchfab experience right now.

The floor setting for room-scale a couple of weeks ago was spot on, at least for Vive room-scale. I’m sure that’ll be back shortly.