Suggestions for getting a 3d modeler job

Hello i don’t know if i can make this type of cuestion, but i’m currently looking for a 3d modeler job, i would like to do this for living but i have no idea of how, thats why i’m here asking for some suggestions on the best way to get a fair paid job on this area. The only constrain is that has to be an online job.

Right now i’m just learnig, so getting a job for a beginner would be nice, any kind of help will be appreciated.

Thanks for anyone that takes the time to read this.


I don’t have a lot of experience, I’ve only started working online recently, but I hope I can help.

The first thing you need is a portfolio. You can’t get a job if the client doesn’t know what you can do. Only include your best outstanding works, even if it means only 5 examples, it’s generally better than having a lot of low quality content and only a few good ones buried inside.

Start posting your art on social networks such as ArtStation, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook,
Instagram…etc. Who knows, you might get a few job requests from there.

See on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, blenderartists forums, Unity forums…etc. It might be hard at first, though.

And, even if it’s not exactly what you’ve asked for, but try selling unique 3D content where you specialize

That’s basically what I can think of

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A portfolio is good but there are so many good artists out there just starting out. If you have the skills but not a very good portfolio you can still land jobs. My problem was i had a few hundred low-mid poly models made but to present them in a good way you either had to render them or adapt the materials to Sketchfab which is a tremendous amount of work.
My advice is - register on a freelancer site like Upwork, Freelancer or so and start bidding on jobs. Be prepared to offer lower prices than others since you’re just starting but don’t overdo it - your time and skill costs money, don’t do things for free (maybe just as introductory jobs). Over time you will build a solid portfolio and asses your time and price more precisely. Trust me - don’t do anything for a very low price. You’ll give of a feeling for the buyer to think you’re skills are low and that they can always ask for more free work or ask for unlimited number of revisions per model. In the end, even if you don’t get paid for the job, you have a finished model and you can present it or even sell it on Sketchfab. Just be persistent and over time you will get more jobs. And keep in mind that you’ve probably started modeling out of fun or love for it so try to balance the working time and the job so you earn money and at the same time enjoy your work. Once you start doing to much and chasing too many deadlines, you may start hating the job and 3D modeling. Keep a good balance working and loving it so you don’t end up being a drone! Money is not everything - enjoy your work, enjoy life!


Thats a very good advice, i really appreciate it, the last part made me think very hard on what i want to accomplish, and is no good to burn myself out, i will enjoy my work and never put it over family or health, thank you.

I hope is not too late to give you a piece of advice. Maybe it will be useful for those who are looking now for an online job. Go and change the profession. Nowadays all is digitize, is a must to have a job in IT.