Suggestions for Sketchfab in 2017

(Warsoul) #1

My 2017 wishes.

  1. Support of Particles Systems
  2. Support Video Texture Natively
  3. Scene Management : Add/Remove Objects to existing scene, etc
  4. Support Camera Animations
  5. Support Sounds and musics
  6. Support Cooperative Projects : Enablling multiple users to work on the same scene ( 3. Scene Management must be impemented 1st)
  7. Support of Height Map.
  8. Better Tutorials on how the Displacement Map work and wich kind is it.
  9. Support of Lights : Imported.


Thanks for the clearly laid-out list! We'll definitely keep these in mind!

(Komoduz) #3

and cooperation with archicad meaby?

(Minzkraut) #4

I'd love to have the option to link a "view" in a models comments. Like linking timestamps in youtube comments but with views/angles. Pretty much like what annotations do (switching/moving the view) but without the need for annotations created by the owner.