Super 8 Camera Game Engine ready WIP

(Theerniebecerra) #1

Super8 Camera WIP 3/4 by Ernesto Becerra on Sketchfab

Im starting to wrap up the textures for my the Super 8 camera and would like some input from this community. The Prop was modeled in Maya and materials were created using a combination of Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Any constructive critiques and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(Bart) #2

Very nice!

Regarding the 'WIP' button: the idea was to add that to your model description so that people can find this thread :smile: Also, to include the embed here, just put the model URL on an empty line - it will turn into our viewer.

(Theerniebecerra) #3

Oh, even better, Thanks!

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #4

Model looks fine , textures in some area, looks like stick together but this come upon closeups, but ....14k? I think you can reduce this count of vertices at least at the 50%.

(Theerniebecerra) #5

Thanks krzysztofZwolinski for the . I will seriously consider reducing the amount of tris and clean up my materials