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Super evil secret

(Andrius Beconis) #1

Hello everyone,

This is my first time trying to dominate the world, so I will share my super evil plans with you. I am going to build robots, lots of robots. In fact I am going to build a facility that is going to build robots. Super evil robots!

Of course everything needs maintenance, so my second step to world domination is to build an engineer that is going to fix things. His first mission is to fix a broken super rocket.

These will be two separate animated scenes. Animation part is something I don’t have much experience with, so there is a very good chance that my world domination plans to fail miserably. One way or another it should be a lot of fun!

(IllusiveBear) #2

This looks cool. I like the style of the blueprints and cant wait to see the animation on the factory.

(Andrius Beconis) #3

Thanks! I also can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully soon I will have something moving.

(Dark Minaz) #4

not sure if you should share such super important evil blueprints with other evil people ..
didn't you learn that at evilcon last year ? :frowning:

looks interesting :smiley: love the mech falling over part, that it's part of the design

(Andrius Beconis) #5

But what could possibly go wrong? :grinning: By the way, there will be one more part at the very end of the assembly line. I call it “the motivator”. It’s a huge metal hand that slaps the robot on the back of the head to kickstart it. From that point the robot is fully working and on his way to world domination.

(Theedstar1) #6

Best evil plan i have ever seen mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha (grabs note pad and pen and starts scribbling) I'm kidding this is some really authentic blue prints this just means the final work piece is gonna be amazing ! well done

(Technoir) #7

I love the sketch!

(Lord00120) #8

Looks cool! I also don't have that much experience with animation, but this is a great way to learn I think! Good luck :smile:

(Andrius Beconis) #9

Thanks guys! I’ll do my best to make this as cool as possible :smile:

(Andrius Beconis) #10

Finally first update! I have finished high poly model of the robot and he’s now in standby mode, waiting for low poly and texturing.

Super evil robot by Andrius Beconis on Sketchfab

Next I’m going to build two different robotic arms and then will start working on low poly models.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #11

nice work :smiley:

I really like the faces a lot!

keep up the good work

(Mcsephiroth1313) #12

Ohmahgosh are you gonna use PBR?? Love this shiny but tiny evil robot :smile:

(Andrius Beconis) #13

Thanks guys! Yes, I’m going to use PBR and Quixel is my weapon of choice. I’m still not exactly sure how to texture this robot, but leaning towards factory new look :smiley:

(Andrius Beconis) #14

Main robotic arm is now finished. I almost got carried away with these arms and started creating welding arm that should be sliding on rails near the sealing and also the motivator that should motivate newly assembled robots.

Main arm

THE MOTIVATOR (early stage, not sure if I really want to use it)

I decided that arm and robot is everything I really need to start animating, everything else is not a priority right now and will end up in props folder. So up next is low poly, uv’s, baking and texturing fun.

(Andrius Beconis) #15

The robot is almost finished, but I'm now stuck with texturing and can’t decide on how I want final textures to look like. So in the meantime I decided to make a conveyor and test how things look together.

I still need to make low poly arm with conveyor and then will start putting final scene together.

(Technoir) #16

Wooow! I
love it!

(Shaderbytes) #17

this looks to be shaping up very well indeed . Textures are going to be fun doing , what are you planning.. hand painted or semi real etc..?

(Lord00120) #18

This is really looking great so far :smile: Can't wait to see the scene with the scientist as well!

(Andrius Beconis) #19

Thanks guys! It is coming together slowly, but still a ton of work left to do. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time for second scene with engineer, but I’m still going to do it later.

As for textures, I’m going for semi realistic look. I don’t have enough time to make very realistic models with lots of details, so it will be interesting to see how they connect with those textures.

(Andrius Beconis) #20


WIP Evil Robots by Andrius Beconis on Sketchfab

This is what I have so far. Textures are still work in progress, especially for the robot. This is the first time I put all the components together and I really don’t like how the robot looks in the scene, so I’ll definitely have to work on him. I really like how everything else turned out and probably won’t change much.

Next I’m going to start animating, but few things still are bugging me. I haven’t yet decided on the environment and also starting to have doubts about how to logically bring robot parts into the scene. My first idea was to use simple boxes full of parts, but now I’m starting to think that it might not work the way I want to or will require more time to make it look proper. Anyway, I’ll solve those problems when I’ll have to, now on to animation! :grinning: