Support for Oculus Quest ( Oculus GO?)

(Lpdenmark) #1

I just read that Sketchfab support Oculus Quest.
Does that mean the app with special prepared models og also your own models in the ordinary Sketchfab site?
And does this work for the Oculus GO as well?

best regards

(Bart) #2

You don’t need a specific Sketchfab app to browse Sketchfab on the Oculus Quest - just visit the site using the Oculus Quest webbrowser, view a model and hit the VR button.

Regarding the Oculus GO - I need to ask around for that. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

(Lpdenmark) #3

Hi Bart
Thanks for your answer.

I have been strugling for a year hoping to have Sketchfab to work on the Oculus GO, I think
it´s pretty much same technologi as the Quest, minus the tracking.
The Oculus Go still shows rather pure quality, from the forum it seems its the same with the Quest.

Hope the performance for these VR headset can be improved, the headsets themselves is quite
powerfull, strange they suffer so much performance, even an old smartphone shows better quality.

Are you shure Sketchfab treets the Oculus devices right?

Best regards


(Bart) #4

It seems you are asking several questions at once here, let me try to answer them:

  • You don’t need a Sketchfab App to access VR on the Quest - just use the built-in browser. We had a VR app demo for a while, but it only contained a small number of models and it’s not supported anymore.
  • You should be able to access Sketchfab using the built-in browser on the Oculus Go as well.
  • The resolution ‘hack’ that we shared on the blog should work on the Oculus Go as well:

I hope that answered it :slight_smile:

(Lpdenmark) #5

Hi Bart
Thanks for your reply.

I will try the “hack” and see if it gives better resolution.

best regards

(Lpdenmark) #6

Hi Bart
Thanks for the advice, but I´m not shure how to use
the “hack”
It´s difficult to type much inside the headset, can you advice how to use it?
Are there coming a more userfriendly solution soon?

best regards


(Bart) #7

Yes we’re working on a better solution. For now, I suggest you set up short links through a service like on your desktop - they’re FAR easier to type.

(Lpdenmark) #8

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

(Paul Sketch) #9

meanwhile using
?vr_quality=1.5 or ?vr_quality=2.5 is smaller/faster.
Another way is to enable desktop mode of the oculus browser (right top) before going into VR. (tested on Quest)

(Lpdenmark) #10

Strange enough it is still not the same quality as the sample you linked to when you announced the support for the Oculus Quest.