Surface detection problem*

(Alex Nan) #1

Surface detection it’s not working properly (yet at least) due to x reasons. I would like to bypass that and still put the model in AR.
What do you think ?


Hmm. Surface detection is required for us to orient the model :confused:

Can you be more specific? Which OS, phone, etc.?

(Alex Nan) #3

iPhone 6s; os 11.1.1 (15B150)
Sketchfab latest app on iStore.
I’m talking about when it’s dim light or even no light and it would be great to be able to view the 3D model in AR.


It's not really on the roadmap right now, but we do have an old experiment that simply puts a model in front of a camera:

(Alex Nan) #5

hello james, wow that seems really cool ! I wish to try it, also the private marker is it trackable ? Thing is I can't find the model id, could you point me to it ?
** - from this link is the 7c66.... model id ?
***Thank you so much for this :four_leaf_clover: It's gonna help me a lot, I made an app for iOS few months ago with Unity and Vuforia, this is almost exactly what I wanted from the app, difference is I needed a catalog of models, pictures with qr codes as links to 3d model and pic one to show, then 2-3-4 how many you wish.
I`m going to test this and see how it goes with your experiment



Yes, the model ID is 7c665d04a27d408c8b5f53f79fdf70f4

Good luck!