Surface Material Challenge

Surface Material Challenge

The point of this challenge is to see how other artists can use Sketchfab only to build up interesting materials.
The challenge will use a simple scene with 2 objects / 2 material ID’s.

This could be a landscape, closer-up perspective such as ground, some alien surface, microscopic surface, abstract, arty, or whatever
I have kept things simple to emphasize the material work rather then any mesh work, and have used very high poly so you can take advantage of Sketchfab displacement to modify mesh directly in Sketchfab.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 7 examples using this exact same scene where I used only Sketchfab to build up materials

General Rules:

  • Upload this .blend file directly to Sketchfab
  • No Modification of the .blend is allowed outside of Sketchfab
  • All materials and texture map UV adjustments must be done on Sketchfab
  • You can use any texture maps you like to build up your materials
  • You can not change the camera FOV on Sketchfab (please set it to 78°)
  • You can use any other setting you like on Sketchfab (the more the better!)
  • No animation
  • Post your final upload on the forum and/or discord

This is an exercise/challenge not a contest.
There is no time limit / dead-line, its open to all any time.
There are no prizes and no winners and no losers, however I may at some point like to highlight certain uploads based on things like technical achievement, unique use of materials/post process, etc
I would encourage people participating to being open about explaining what settings they used if asked so others can learn from your tricks/techniques

The link to the .blend file that you must upload directly without any modifications is here:

Have fun being imaginative/creative with this!