Survey for anyone who's paid for 3D printing the last 18 months

(Andy lewis) #1

Hey guys,

I saw this survey and thought someone on Sketchfab might fit the bill and be interested....

We are a group of students from the University of Chicago conducting research on the emerging 3D printing marketplace. As part of our study, we are looking for anyone who has paid to have a product 3D printed within the last 18 months to participate in an online survey.

We will share the results of our findings with all participants meeting the criteria above.

Respondents who opt for and are selected to participate in additional interviews will earn a $25 Amazon gift card as a way to say thank you.

Please share if you think it would help us achieve our goal and thank you.

I'd certainly be interested to see their findings but they currently seem to be having trouble getting to Statistical Significance so why not give those poor students some of your valuable input? smile