SVG Texture Turns Black Upon Insertion into Scene - IE, EDGE, Firefox

I’m now finally trying to get my jersey designer working well on firefox, edge and explorer (small market share I know, but big enough that it’s a headache for me with customers that I want to solve).

Issue is that my SVG textures that get inserted into the scene turn all black once in the 3D scene on these three browsers. These SVG textures open up perfectly fine in the browser on their own (example URL here), so something is making them go black once they are inserted into the sketchfab scene.

Can anyone provide any insights on this issue that I can pass onto my developer to dig into?

@tuan_kuranes solved this problem for me in another thread on slack:

kuranes [5 hours ago]
Not all SVG tag are accepted by Firefox/IE11 (works) VS (doesn’t works). Both work in chrome (edited)

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do you have floor shadows enabled? There is some weird bug related to that i have also recently experienced. This is normally for a material that is getting a texture injected. although in my case it does result in displaying correctly , just for a brief moment it shows black like this.

Edit ok , your post came before I sent mine , so obviously not the same issue … but in some way related to showing the black materials for some reason. im wondering if it is a transitional state for display caused between a texture swop. This would make sense as for me it only lasts a brief moment as my textures do load. For you it seems it was stuck in the transition as the textures failed.


I’ve passed on these code snippets to my developer, we shall see if this fixes my problem. I’ll keep you posted.

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