SW Contest 15: 'Deliverance of Binks' Jar Jar's death - Final


(Jamesculley) #1

I have to say I actually like Jar Jar, and the PT so this has not been chosen through hatred of Jar Jar, rather the category is non specific (other than Jar Jar's death) so allows me to go with a SW theme / characters of my choosing :smile:

I have researched the location and characters I would like to include:

Jar Jar

I have so far not modelled an organic character so this should be interesting... I am going to base his look on his appearance in the Clone Wars TV series seen below.

Going with the Clone Wars look will mean that I can theme the whole scene in a nice carton stylised way, and also will mean that the geometry and materials can ultimately be less complex than that of a photo realistic scene.


I have researched plush toy and cartoon versions of BB8 found on the tinterweb before then going back to my original BB8 model and updating his look to match my theme.

The Red Droid

The Location

The original plan was to animate the demise of Jar Jar in a location seen in the Star Wars trailer (as seen as the start of this thread), however I have decided that the 'story' will need to be more dynamic and therefore make use of the location in different ways. So after watching the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels I have decided to have my scene take place in a simplified scene based on Quarrie's hanger from the episode 'Wings of the Master' , more specifically the exterior which teeters on the edge of a rocky plateau.


(Bart) #2

Great! Welcome on board :smile: I see that you already have a PRO subscription, so you'll be able to upload large files and use up to 20 annotations. Have fun!

(Romainrevert) #3

OMG Sith-J-Cull ! It's great to see you here ! I'm so happy. I was in JKJA community too, under the name of Dark_Cuillere or Qui-Rom. I'm the maker of the SwampSpeeder, AT-AP and numerous reskin texture for vehicules and characters !

I definitely hyped to see your work for this contest ! :smiley:

(Jamesculley) #4

Thank you @romainrevert, How lovely to be recognised from such a great community! I remember your AT-AP I think I used that in my old Kashyyyk map!?

(Jamesculley) #6

Big Red W.I.P

I am creating Big Red in a way that he can be animated. Essentially my animation style will involve moving objects around a scene to give the impression of animation, as a result of which I will need to place pivot points in the correct locations and link the different limb and body segments in a way that will allow parts to move together whilst taking their parent parts with them. If this proves not to allow the fluid movement I may need for the scene I will probably end up rigging him with a biped system.

At this point Big Red is not rigged with a biped system, he currently uses just carefully placed pivot points and connections.

SW Contest 15 Big Red (Final) by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

(Romainrevert) #7

Nice droid ! You are in fire !
And yes my AT-PT was used in your Kashyyyk map ! :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #9

damn you are fast.
love the little droid, even if he looks like a soccer ball for the big fella.

looking forward how you kill "misa annyoing misa dead".

(Bart) #11


Quick tip: to embed a Sketchfab model here on the forum, don't use the short url, but the regular url. Short url support should be added soon! (I fixed it for you here :wink:)

(Marcoloreto) #17

I really like the lightning in your escene! What are you using for it? (if you don't mind me asking) :blush:

(Jamesculley) #19

Jar Jar W.I.P

As I stated earlier this is my first real venture into character modelling, particularly an organic one like Jar Jar Binks! Most of my experience to date involved hard surface modelling, location and mechs for example. As you can see I have based his look on the simplified reference images posted earlier.

Version 1 - no rigging & no materials

A further iteration of Jar Jar with some improvement, uv-unwrapping is also complete at this stage.

The following image shows the unwrap and the first iteration of the basic albedo 'texture' for Jar Jar. I exported the uv template to my tablet and painted the texture with a stylus.

I have now completed the texture and added his dentures! Rigging up next!

(Ntdw) #20

Nice work on jarjar,

(Bart) #22

Cool! Can we see the unwrap? I'm always interested to see how people do that.

(Marcoloreto) #24

Thanks, i haven't started on my stage yet, i'm a bit worried on how to handle global ilumination and all that...

(Chaitanyak) #30

woah.. perhaps one of the more creative entries in the contest!
go for it!!

(Adam Beamish) #31

Great work! I like your Jar Jar model, I think! Well he's irratating me already so you must have nailed his likeness! :smile:

(Marcoloreto) #32

Meesa thinks he's looking good :smile:

(Marcoloreto) #34

I loved that episode of Rebels! The B-Wing was a beauty!

(Jamesculley) #35

My updated version of BB8

BB8 (Stylised) W.I.P #1 by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

(Bart) #37

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Jamesculley) #38

The Location W.I.P

The following images show the initial stages of the blockout for the new chosen location.

The blockout in the Sketchfab viewer

SW Contest 15 Deliverance of Binks (W.I.P. 1) by JCulley3D on Sketchfab