SW Contest 2015: Death Star Trench Run (WIP)

(drobbins13) #1

Late to the party but here we go!

(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining! Have fun :smile:

Please keep an eye on the official contest forum thread and be sure to 'watch' it so you'll receive notifications (instructions are on the forum):

(drobbins13) #3

Starting the Trench grid pieces.

(drobbins13) #4

Trench WIP shots.

Trying to keep the poly count a practical level.

(drobbins13) #5

Death Star Scene WIP 1 by drobbins13 on Sketchfab

(Andersdt) #6

There is something weird going on with your normals. Have to tried recalculating them - I don't know what program you are using, but it should be possible in all programs (I know it's CTRL-N in Blender :wink:)

Also, maybe you could scale up the towers, and de-exaggerate all the other details, for a better effect.

I hope it helped!

(drobbins13) #7

I believe those errors will be fixed once I apply my normal maps from substance painter.

But yeah after looking at your death star details... you're right the details should be shrunk down a bit. A lot of work to undo it now :frowning: Probably should move on to the X wing and Tie fighter.

Thanks for the crits! Mucho Appreciated. Also your tie fighter is looking pretty slick.

(drobbins13) #8