Switching to PBR drops auto-assigned textures

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Hi! After a bit of testing yesterday I figured out how to have my textures auto-assigned properly in sketchfab, after the model(with textures) has been uploaded. I export from Modo to FBX 2010, with diffuse, spec, gloss, normal and emissive pre-assigned.

So far, so good. The problem is, as soon as I switch from the classic renderer to PBR, the diffuse, specular and gloss maps are dropped - when they they should become albedo, spec and gloss in the PBR specular model.
Emissive and normal maps stay assigned, but I need to reassign the albedo, spec and gloss maps by hand.
This is is not too much of an issue for one model with one texture set, but become tricky with multiple texture sets on multiple mesh parts. It doesn't help, that texture names are not sorted alphabetically in the texture selection drop down list either.

Is there a way to get around this and avoid assigning textures by hand in sketchfab?
If not than maybe a solution is to choose the shading model before uploading?
But even if this is done, I still have no way to export a model with and albedo map pre-assigned(or a metalness map for that matter. So maybe, in addition one could set up a blueprint telling sketchfab that certain texture types from the exported materials should always go into certain texture channels in sketchfab? For instance: exported diffuse >always goes into > sketchfab albedo, etc.

At the very least though, sort textures alphabetically please.

I feel those things are pretty important for the game artists who tend to be the ones utilizing PBR the most.

Let me know if you have any questions and suggestions!



Classic textures being copied to appropriate PBR slots is coming in our next release (hopefully tomorrow). As we learn more about texture naming conventions, this can be improved. For example, if your filename is "mytexture_roughness.png", we check for "roughness" and assign the texture appropriately.

And for the alphabetized texture list, yes, that would be nice.

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This is excellent news! Thanks!

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I'm happy that this issue has been raised. The texture dropping while switching to PBR has discouraged me from using it. I think Sketchfab should make a "Sketchfab Material" plugin for the popular 3d applications. This way we can pre load all the maps to their appropriate slots whether it's a PBR mapping format or the Classic mapping format. I use 3ds max and I export using the "standard" material plugin that has slots for ambient, diffuse, specular. self-illum... It would be cool to have a "sketchfab mat" with options for the PBR or Classic maps like Diffuse, emit, light map, ambient occlusion, albeedo and so on.
I love to publish on sketchfab. There is a whole lot of projects I want to convert and publish.

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Matching file names to map slots would be a good improvement but it may not work well with .3ds files since the .3ds file format has a limit to the length of characters the file names of textures can take.
Good approach all the same.


@grillswills I've seen errors related to .3ds texture file names happen. I talked to someone who uses Chief Architect - he said there is an option to turn off "texture file name truncation". Maybe other software has this option, too?