Tabletop Wars: DilutedEgo Wip

(Diluted Ego) #1

Began roughing out my concept in zbrush but I haven't fully settled on a what the end character concept will be just yet. Quick wip screenshot of the work so far.

(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! It's great if you want to maintain a WIP thread, but it's not a requirement for this challenge (unlike our full-blown contests). Instead, or addition: can also announce your idea or sketch in the challenge thread so everyone can see what you're working on.

(Diluted Ego) #3

Lost nearly a week due to power outages but here is another shot of the progress so far.

(Bart) #4

That's starting to look good! Just a few days left - good luck :slight_smile:

(Diluted Ego) #5

Published my model now as I wont have time to do more work due to RL. Great way to mark my sixth month of sculpting good luck to all the other entrants.

Edit Thumbnail finally saved :slight_smile: