Tagged models aren't show up

(Ostapblendercg) #1

Looks like tagged models aren’t showing up all of the time when you’re searching by a tag. I’m talking about specific tag - GDCBeerbustChallenge. There’s a ~half of models that aren’t showed when tag is selected in search bar. Interesting thing: if model is downloadable and you check it in filter - it will show up in a list, but if not - you can’t see it. Looks like multiply users experiencing that behavior, you can see reports in a challenge thread: [ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: GDC Beer Bust!

[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: GDC Beer Bust!
(Zachary Hixson) #2

Wow, thanks for the info! So does the filter prioritize downloadable models or is it some sort of bug, you think?

(Zachary Hixson) #3

Hmm, mine didn’t show under downloadable, but it did show up when I checked animation

(Ostapblendercg) #4

To me it looks like a bug. I tried to assign categories to the model, to add this tag in the description - still no luck.

(Ostapblendercg) #6

And yup, other tags are dead too in exactly the same way

(Zachary Hixson) #7

Very interesting. You’re right. This is probably just a bug. I bet they already know about it too.


It seems like this might be expected behavior. Downloadable models don’t show up unless you tick the option. Same for animated/sounds/staff pick.

I think that makes sense, but maybe they should all be ticked by default.


Ok, we’ll change this behavior. The feature options should be a filter, but not clicking them should show all.

(Ostapblendercg) #10

So what, to participate in challenge you have to uncheck Downloadable and remove the animation?

(Sudharsan) #11

I think all assets should be visible in the landing page and filters be an option!


Of course not :sweat_smile:

Yes, we are going to update this behavior.

(Sudharsan) #13

I think if all the assets can be added to a collection by a moderator and the link be sent to algorithmic and hp team for judgement, In case they miss the entries. I see there is a strong chance for our entries to be missed.

(Ostapblendercg) #14

It was recent change, isn’t it? Because some time ago it worked differently and now I can find the same model only just checking basically eveything


Yes, I’ve made the community team aware. We’ll keep this in mind until it’s fixed.

Yes, we just updated the search page and introduced this issue.

[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: GDC Beer Bust!
(Sudharsan) #16

Thanks James!