Tagging Models for Sketchfab Map Experiment

(Scottneb) #1

I find this geotagging thing on Sketchfab Map experiment VERY interesting. I've worked on the Google Map for years but they've made it more and more difficult to do so and this could be a great outlet for my itch to map things.

I think I've got it setup correctly on THIS model.

Thing is, there is nothing in the forums to help (that I can find) so it's all guess-work for me right now because the little how-to page is pretty vague (at least for me).

I guess the best question is, how do we do this tagging and what (exactly) is required in the tag?

hehe, it seems I can't add tags to this topic.

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hello @scottneb,

it looks like you figured it out as your model is properly tagged. However, because it was published a year ago, you need to load a few more pages on the Map to see it.

(Scottneb) #3

Thanks for the verification!