Technical question for a photogrammetry camera array


(Misterdevious) #1

Over the past year I’ve been constructing a bootstrap photogrammetry camera array. I’m up to 16 camera now and for the most part everything is groovy.

Here’s my problem though, and hopefully someone here has figured this bit out already.

I can not get my cameras to fire reliably. I’ve been using wireless receivers to trigger the cameras, but it seems they’re susceptible to interference (especially from each other). AT best I can get, maybe, 10 cameras to fire when the remote is triggered… triggering the remote again may get a different set of cameras to fire. Nothing about this is reliable or consistent.

I’ve noticed that when I have more than 6 receivers turned on, this is when they act haphazardly. If I use 6 or less receivers they seem to work fine. Alternating channels, using multiple triggers, none of this alleviates the issue.

Those of you who’ve figured out this mess, I’d appreciate some help in getting all my cameras to reliably fire when triggered. What do you use on your rig?

Thanks for the advice!

(Misterdevious) #2

I may have solved the problem. I haven’t tested this yet, but this piece of open source software may work.

Anyone have experience using it? Have a better suggestion?