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Dear everyone,

When uploading my 3D model I seem to be unable to upload .TGA texture files. These texture files contain an Alpha channel aside the standard RGB ones.. Is it impossible to upload TGA files?

The model I'm trying to upload works as .OBJ or .3DS, they're added in 3dsMax material editor from standard .tga images.
When uploading the model and textures, the textures won't load in the editor. I've tried to upload them in a .ZIP or an MTL file exported with the .OBJ file but no luck so far..

Any info? smile


Hmm, TGA should work when included in a ZIP.

1) Have you tried the 3ds Max exporter?

2) Can you give me a sample file (OBJ + MTL + textures) to test?

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Good point!
I haven't tried the exporter to be honest so there could be my flaw!

It could be that I'm not using a standard format TGA though (BITs/Channels)
The files can be found here:

Note: I have zipped everything up, including the .obj and the .3ds file..
And will try the exporter my very next upload.

Thanks a lot for the really quick reply!



I uploaded the OBJ + MTL + textures in a ZIP ( like this ), and uploaded with no trouble:

texture troubleshooting by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

(changed alpha blending → alpha masking, and increased light exposure)

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Woa! You're fast!

I will check this out as soon as possible, thank you very much.
If I need more help with this I will reply, otherwise not stuck_out_tongue

Thanks again!


Sure thing, have a good weekend smile

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Hey James,

Thanks again for the help! It seems I haven't tried uploading the files in a complete ZIP file as you showed me earlier.
It works like a charm!
Have to say that I keep the alpha settings to standard.. The standard setting is a little too soft but masking it makes it a little too rough.. Either way I like the outcome so it's time for me to work on another asset! smile

Thanks again, and thanks for providing these services!



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