Teens Bedroom WIP


(Anthony Murphy) #1

Haven’t posted a sketchfab scene in awhile so thought start a new project to experiment with styles.

Was aiming for a somewhat Pixar inspired piece. To do this i’ve exaggerated some shapes and often used smooth edges to give it an overall soft look.

Lighting is a big part of what makes each Pixar scene have a certain vibe, so I’ve tried to enhance the contrast to darken the shadows and tweaked the colour balance to be more green, since the primary light source is the lava lamp. I’ve noticed how each Pixar scene has a specific colour balance pallet. Check out ROYBIV: A Pixar Supercut to see what I mean. https://vimeo.com/105089367

Hoping to start properly texturing these props to get a good understanding of what my overall workflow should be. Then I will start to add more props. I’ve been mainly focused on pure realism for the past year so this is out of my comfort zone, but hoping to learn new styles through this project.

(Un Verre De Lait) #2

Nice one
I’d like see that lava lamp animated :slight_smile:

(Anthony Murphy) #3

Thanks, glad you like it.

I do plan to animate it don’t you worry! Going to use blend shapes to do so. I’ll make sure to document the process.

(Anthony Murphy) #4


Textured the computer, quite happy with some of the logo design but not sure if the AVA one fits. The keyboard took awhile and still isn’t perfect. I’m currently using minimal dirt as i’m aiming for that clean Pixar look. Even though i do plan to make this scene a messy teenagers bedroom.

Decided to add a 19 key animation for the computer screen. This was just done by moving a duplicate of the screen one pixel in front of the previous. Regretting not exporting my screen textures at a lower resolution because i’m not sure how well 19 2k textures just for the screen will load in Sketchfab. May have to come back and lower them since i plan on adding more clutter to desk.

I will now work up a few more base textures, i do plan on going back through the existing ones to refine them once i’m happy with my texturing workflow. Additionally I plan add more dirty dishes with old mouldy beans and other gross teenagers remains.

(Anthony Murphy) #5

Added a few new food props and tightened the composition.

(Anthony Murphy) #6

Added a desk texture. Still not happy with the roughness values on the surface and unsure about the wood top.

Used more dirt than I have on other pieces for the desk. Think i’ll do so on the chair as well.

(Anthony Murphy) #7

New Poster and Beans tin textures.

I do plan to edit this beans can to be open with old mouldy beans in. Just focusing more on textures for the other models at the moment. Currently working on the skateboard and baseball base textures.


(Draconius) #8

Very cool! I like how you included props that really give an insight to the inferred character’s background. It tells a nice story. If I had to suggest something, I’d try to turn off your base color/diffuse channels and really hammer down on doing some lighting tests. It will really give you a good sense of what areas in the scene are being highlighted and what the focus points within your scene are. For example, the light from the computer screen is really giving a lot of emphasis to a half-empty wall. You could maybe tone that down, or include a detail within that area that could give us more insight as to who this desk belongs to as a character. :slight_smile:

Once again though, nice work!