Teeth illuminated within the mouth

(Leeallanwilliamson) #1

It appears that light passes through my mesh and lights up the insides of his mouth and teeth.

I have Faces Rendering set to Double sided, and the mesh is closed.

Any ideas?


Hmm, does it help if you adjust the lights and enable casting shadows?

Can you share the link to this model with that behavior?

(Rémy Bouquet) #3

Yes the inside is lit as the outside, this is what you usually have with any real time renderer.
Usually this issue is alleviated by shadows, but here as the only lighting comes from the environment, light comes from everywhere so it can’t be properly occluded.

The teeth roughness map seems to be black though, making them completely glossy (whatever the intensity you set). Using a white map and playing with the intensity may help. Black is glossy white is rough.

Also what may help is using an AO map for the teeth, and check the “Occlude specular” check box.

Then for the interior of the mouth, people usually add a backdrop to the teeth or even model the interior of the mouth. That with proper baked AO and SSAO should give a better render.

I hope that helps

(Leeallanwilliamson) #4

Hi James, It was indeed an issues with shadows not being on. I’m not sure how I missed that. Thank you.

(Leeallanwilliamson) #5

Good ideas. Thank you.