Telephone prototype

(Xpheres) #1

Hello, I would like to share my telephone model so that I can receive feedback to improve it.

Check the 3d model here

The model actually has some textures that I did not manage to export to sketchfab, any help regarding this is welcome.

The model aims to be a case for a phone prototype with raspberry at its core, if the the model gets refined, I may think of printing it and building the device.

I hope you like it and I'll be happy to receive your feedback

(Sourdays) #2

Hi, xpheres,

You can add material that didn't manage to get through in your 3D setting under the material tab.

I like that you are using exact dimension in your annotations. I assume the faceplate is the gray part. Will you be giving measurement for the body too? Alignment of your buttons will give it more of a polish look. Adding a little bevel around the edge will help it catch a little light so the button doesn't look flat in images. Have you considered using a radial button instead of a d-pad. It's most common on phones.

I think its a strong start and can use some design elements. I think maybe a table prop will help with size proportionate, since its a little difficult to gauge.

(Xpheres) #3

Hello Sourdays,

Thanks for the feedback and info, I found where to manage the materials, and I updated the model trying to align the buttons, I did my best but I'm very amateur with blender yet...

Since the idea is using raspberry as the main board and there are already cases and faceplates for it, I took measures for the faceplate from a faceplate from adafruit ( To decide measurement for the body I need to know the size of the numeric matrix keypad, other keys and connectors.

Regarding the d-pad, you are right, I don't like the d-pad either, I've been searching for radial buttons to get inspired and I found a few ideas from games and interfaces:
& []()

So I'm sure I will change that ugly d-pad.

Yes puting the phone over a table or near to a proportionate object will help to see proportions, but first I need to rebuild the main parts of the case with a cad software, I've been thinking to use openscad to create a case model with perfect proportions and then export it to blender to keep working on it.