Temple of Portunus


(Renatoaruffo) #1

Hello everybody,

I just uploaded a project I did last year, it was amazing how much I learned with it, it was mad for a class at Gnomon School called Environment for Games and I learned some really cool techniques.

Everything started in maya as simple meshes and sculpted in zBrush, than textured in Substance Painter.

I would love to receive some feedback and opinion about it.

Thank you all! o/

Temple of Portunus by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

(Nestor F. Marques) #2

That's a great work @renatoaruffo, on a beautiful temple!

Maybe, if I have to make a suggestion, I'd add some more light to the environment, to make it easier to appreciate it.

(Renatoaruffo) #3

Thank you very much.

I added 2 more lights in the environment, it is really subtle, I also changed the main direction.