Terrible performance in viewer


(Timsjastad) #1

Lately I've had awful framerate issues in the viewer, and some models with multiple texture maps don't display correctly at all, sometimes only displaying with a flat black texture. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a low-poly model with less than 1000 triangles and a 100% diffuse texture or a super high-poly model with multiple high-res texture maps, the framerate is always the same. I also see that if I rotate the model quickly, my CPU usage goes up dramatically, but my GPU usage stays at 0%. I tried restarting my computer, updating my drivers, updating chrome, etc, etc... Nothing has any effect.

(Paul Sketch) #2

Could you post a screenshot of http://webglreport.com/ ?

I would suspect your browser downgraded the gpu you use as "bad driver" and now fallback on software.

on chrome for instance you can force it to use the gpu: chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist