Teslatank WIP- Hardsurface practice

(Ndrakey) #1

Felt like doing some hardsurface stuff. Its an early sketch based on conceptart of westwood company. Too bad Westwood doesnt exist anymore, thanks to EA.
Hope you like it.

Teslatank WIP by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Ndrakey) #2

and another Versio:

scifi_props_09 by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #3

aw loved the original cnc (sadly the new one is kinda bad)
looks nice so far, maybe add some pieces on the big flat parts. but i like the gun design.

(Ndrakey) #4

The Gun is the Part i spent most time on. Still experimenting with shapes. Did a little test with electric current coming out of the tesla coils.

(Ndrakey) #5

worked on the turret a little, added bolts here and there and experimented with different tracks.
Dont know about the "radar" looking gadget between the two coils though.