Test and keep my procedural miniature paint material

Hello Everybody, I am a MA 3D Animation Student currently studying at NCCA in Bournemouth

I hope everybody is doing well, and if anybody is sat at home twiddling their thumbs I have small favor to ask!

I am looking for people to test a material I have been developing for my research Unit.

I have created a customisable and procedural Miniature Paint Material for use in Substance Painter.
The idea was to create a physically hand painted material. Similar to Warhammer figures or Airfix.

A OneDrive folder with the material and user guide with tips can be found at the bottom of this post.

The material itself and guide are a work in progress so any feedback is greatly appreciated and I have there is a link to a short survey inside the Onedrive folder.

Please inbox me if you have any query’s.

The link should be valid for a month , so if you take part in the survey feel free to keep and use the material as you wish! Credit would be appreciated where possible.

Thank you!

Onedrive Link to Asset

Tested on Substance painter sample models and the awesome model Terminator by Slayver https://skfb.ly/6S8vJ which I purchased on Sketchfab and retextured using my material.

I take no credit for the model themselves ,it is only the material I have been developing