Testing our Modo exporter

(Bart) #1

Hey all,

we have added a nice perk to our MODO exporter: when using it to upload a model to Shapeways, you will receive 90 days of Sketchfab PRO for free. Here's how it works:

Download the Sketchfab kit from your Registered Content page, drop the LPK installer onto the MODO interface (601 or higher) and restart. Register on the Sketchfab site and get an API key to enter into the Sketchfab dialog in MODO, and you are ready to start uploading your models!

Once your first model uploads from MODO to Sketchfab, you will receive an offer for a free 90-day trial of Sketchfab's PRO account, which adds unlimited uploads (up to 200 MB per model), with up to 20 annotations per model, private and password-protected models, a professional portfolio website, custom backgrounds, and the ability to capture leads and appear in the PRO directory. Pro accounts normally cost $15/month or $120/year.

There's also a thread on the Foundry Community about this.

Before doing a full-scale announcement on our blog, I'd like to run a final check with some Modo users to see if everything is working correctly. Could you please let me know if you got your PRO account?


(Sergiu Ikarus) #2

TestModel by sergiu.ikarus on Sketchfab

my test model, quick upload of an older model. everything seems fine
with this model i think things get problematic with bigger files.

(Bart) #3

Thanks, so you uploaded this using the new exporter? Did you get an email or another signal that you are now eligible for the free 90 days of Sketchfab PRO?

(Sergiu Ikarus) #4

i uninstalled the previous version of the exporter, installed the new one, uploaded, no email.

(Bart) #5

Ok sorry to hear that, I'll ask our developers to look in to that.

(Sergiu Ikarus) #6

sure, no problem smile Let me know if there's anything else i can help out with.

(Pierre-Antoine) #7


You should have beed upgrade automatically, but it appears we have a small glitch, the upgrade doesn't work as intended ...
It'll be fixed very shortly (sometime this week).

Once it's fixed, we'll upgrade all accounts that didn't get their upgrade because of that.

Sorry about the inconvenience,


(Delicious) #8

Pulling this thread out of mothballs...MODO just released 10.0, with a bunch of new features for "game" asset creation including the option to use presets. A perfect opportunity for a Sketchfab preset. The SF exporter for MODO is quite old at this point...any chance you're working on an update?


We're actively working on the next version of our MODO exporter. It will support Modo 10, 901, and 801, and include many improvements. Stay tuned!


Hey all,

Sorry for the long silence! We're still working on this - a beta version is currently being tested by our developers and The Foundry's team. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!