Texture and light rendering

(Alkevier) #1

hi i am having some problems getting textures and lighting to work, it shows up perfectly in blender but when i upload it just goes back to just showing the model non of the textures, anyone know how to fix this ?

(Bart) #2

How did you upload the file? Did you use the Blender Exporter? If you're uploading the .blend directly, be sure to 'pack' the textures into it before uploading.

Here's a good tutorial on Blender Cookie: Showcasing Blender Models with Sketchfab

(Alkevier) #3

i just tried packing the file and using the up loader and it still isn't working.

(Bart) #4

Would you mind sharing the .blend file? You can also email it to support@sketchfab.com if you want to keep it private. Our support team can look at it on monday, if you post it here, another community member might be able to help you out.

(Bart) #5

Hi @alkevier, did you manage to sort this out? I don't think I've seen your email yet, right?


@alkevier looks like no textures were included in the upload with the .3ds file. Can you make sure you ZIP them together with the model before upload?


There's a problem with UV mapping and linking textures, possibly related to Cycles, because blender doesn't give me mapping options in texture attributes unless I switch to Blender Render.

You can manually apply the texture in the material editor, but the way the meshes are organized is weird.

blender tex test by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

(Alkevier) #8

not sure exactly where the material editor is

(Alkevier) #9

found it just dont know how to apply the textures (it was right in front of me)


You can find details here: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/202512446-Materials

(Blasphemonium) #11

Hello. I am really new with 3D modelling. I applied some textures to a model in Blender which shows properly but not textures showing after uploadin to Sketchfab.

To try to find where the problem is, I just used the default cube with a color material and a texture but result is same: only material color is shown but texture doesn't...

This is my model https://skfb.ly/GVIU

Cubo uv
by blasphemonium
on Sketchfab

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!



Can you make sure you've packed external data into the blend file? See:


By the way, you can just copy/paste the model URL into this forum, and it will automatically become an embed. You don't need to use the full embed code.

(Blasphemonium) #13


Yes, I had already selected the "Automatically Pack Into .blend" option.

After reading several posts, I wonder if I must use UV mapping. What I have done is just add one of the predefined textures in Blender, which by default set Coordinates as "Generated" and Projection as "Flat"...

So, should I use other type of textures/mapping right?

Thanks a lot for your help...


Yep, that was going to be my next suggestion. You should unwrap the model and use the UV map in the texture coordinates.

(Blasphemonium) #15

Worked perfectly now!!!!! Thank you very much