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Texture cannot be displayed


(Nightwindy) #1

Hello everyone. This is my first time using this inquiry function.
I just started learning how to make models with 3ds max.
I made a simple room model with 3ds max,then made it .obj & .mtl and upload,
But my model is colored except where it is not textured,white in other places.
Here is the link:
What’s worse is,When I want to paste a texture with the 3D SETTINGS,
It will select plural objects at the same time,and I can’t paste the texture correctly.(as the picture shows)

No accident, the model of this room would have been like this:

I have tried various solutions that can be found on the Internet, but they are not useful.
I have tried before 3ds Max Exporter,But whenever I upload,3ds max will stop running.
Please help me, Thanks.



Can you try uploading all your textures with the OBJ + MTL? It looks like there is only one texture in 3D Settings right now (the TV).

(Mark Laurence) #3

Try uploading an FBX file. Select all of the object and then export selected it as FBX, so both of the textures and object works without reuploading missing textures.

(Nightwindy) #4

I was uploading with the OBJ + MTL,But I don’t know why there’s only TV.

(Bart) #5

Just to be sure: you did also include your texture files in the upload? Those are typically PNG or JPG files.

You can also try our free exporter plugin for 3DS Max - it will upload all the required information from your scene: