Texture does not scale correctly to model


(Aspectstudios) #1

I have created a terrain model and have an accompanying aerial jpeg however when I apply the aerial as a texture it just colours the whole model a single colour. It looks like the aerial is scaled differently to the model and so you aren’t seeing any of the aerial detail. Is there a way in sketchfab to make sure the texture is applied in the correct size/direction to make sure it is matches the model terrain accurately?

(Mauricesvay) #2

Your model needs to be UV unwrapped to map the 3D vertices to a 2D texture.

(Aspectstudios) #3

Is there a way to do this within sketchfab or do I need to use an additional program such as rhino, 3ds Max etc?

(Shaderbytes) #4

no you can not edit UV information in sketchfab , you will have to do this in a 3D modeling app. Blender is free open source software and can do any sort of advanced uv mapping requirements.


(Aspectstudios) #5

Thanks Maurice/Shader, I’ve solved the problem now!