Texture Export/Import Process

(Blitz) #1

I was wondering if anyone could help me or point me in the direction of some information regarding textures. I mainly build stage sets like the file attached.

SketchFab looks like it could be a great presentation tool, i was really impressed with how easy it was to export with plugin. (band was removed for the test)

As you can see though the textures have not been applied. Majority of my textures are Cubic Mapped or Flat and scaled to fit. They come from various file formats as well. JPG, PNG, PSD. I'm going to assume PSD will be an issue due to file size.

Majority of my C4D skill has been self taught and focused on my day to day job. So my general knowledge is pretty low, so i guess what i'm trying to say is, i'm sorry if this is a really dumb question :).

Many Thanks

(Bart) #2

It looks like your model is still in 'draft' - people here won't be able to see it like that. You should publish it first.