Texture format and selling models


(Glenfx) #1

Hello, I have been uploading textures in Jpeg format since those are the only files I seem to be able to upload successfully, I haven’t requested a seller account because of the low quality of those textures and I wouldn’t like to disappoint anyone buying my stuff.
I usually sell models with textures at 4096 resolution in PNG format which are kind of big, so I wanted to know if you sell a model through Sketchfab, do we have an option for downloading an extra set of files with the high res textures?

Also, as I have some problems uploading png or big files, is there a way to upload the files to dropbox since it seems to load easier and let sketchfab load the files from the dropbox link?.

(Nomadking) #2

Yup - there’s a slot for adding additional file uploads as part of a store model. It’s great for adding other model formats, larger textures or texture source files :slight_smile:

(Glenfx) #3

Oh cool, thank you.