Texture import in VRML broken


(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #1

Many scientific software programs use VRML for their primary (and often only) 3D export format.

Sketchfab will import VRML, but doesn't properly handle textures when importing.

For example, look at this model:

This is the same model, but imported into 3d Studio Max and then exported as 3ds formats, and imported:

Note that the textures were completely unchanged (ie: it should look exactly the same as the first), but the importer to Sketchfab isn't properly handling VRML.

Many scientifically oriented customers are paying for Sketchfab pro accounts, and would love to import models with textures, but are currently blocked (without buying Maya/Max/etc, which is not relevent to their business).

Is it possible to get the importer for VRML corrected so that it will properly import models with textures?

(Ctech) #2

I agree this is a very important issue for all users of C Tech's software.

Below is a screenshot showing that the same VRML model that uploads completely grey in Sketchfab, looks fine in the Cortona VRML viewer.


Do you know if it's VRML version 1 or 2?

(Sami R.) #4

Thanks Reed for mentioning this important function. For me and others in my organization not being able to import vrmls with their texture means we can't use it for a lot of our modeling. Would be really happy to see this fixed.

(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #5


These are VRML 2.0 files.

We've tried with quite a few VRML files, as well. This just happens to be one that we've manually "fixed" by converting to another format.

(Douglas Wright) #6

This fix will provide an essential piece of functionality currently missing from 3D web postings on SketchFab

(Erogoff) #7

We at Arcadis concur that it would be fantastic if Sketchfab could get this functionality going. We use CTech's EVS software extensively for modeling 3D geology and contaminant plumes. Our users and clients would post more models on Sketchfab if this capability could be added, as aerials and textures are very important in our business. Thanks.

(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #8


Trying this some more - VRML 1 does seem to (mostly) work, though it's got some slight bugs:

This is exported as VRML. Most things work, though there are some rendering problems. For example, the ".com" on the side of the model should be solid orange - it's coming through partially blue, and partially orange. This is done using the same technique as the "Earth Volumetric Studio" in the models above. The solid blue surface in the center is also rendering oddly - it's a single color for the entire surface, so the "speckled" look shouldn't occur.

That being said, this is encouraging. It's still not a complete workaround, however. Most scientific packages only support VRML 2.0 - including some of our packages.

(Tfewless) #9

I agree with this statement. This issue hinders the Sketchfab interface deployment in my area.