Texture in display at lower resolution than in 3D Settings

We have been having difficulty with one particular model where the 8K base color map displays its full resolution in the 3D settings but shows a much lower resolution in the primary display page after a short period of time (around 10 minutes). Up until that point, the primary display page does show the actual resolution of the maps.

This model is broken up into multiple pieces (around 8), with a full set of PBR maps (base, normal, roughness, metallic, AO) for each piece. We have tried a number of configurations with the maps in terms of their texture resolution, to the point of bumping down the non-basecolor maps to 1k or 2k while trying to keep the base color at 8k, and even removing some objects from the scene, in an attempt to resolve this problem. Still the issue remains. What can we do to resolve problem?

Additional info: The model, with all the separate pieces, are uploaded as an FBX, coming to 50MB. We have decimated some of the minor components but the major component is as low in polycount as we are comfortable having. The texture maps are all JPG. Unfortunately we cannot share this model as it is private and its content confidential.


Can you share the model with me? If it needs to stay private, feel free to DM me the link, or just tell me the name here and i’ll find it.

Do you see “SD” mode in the bottom right when it loads?