Texture Informed Tint for Opacity

So I’m currently looking to model some fairly complex glass, and the color of the glass changes pretty significantly from illuminated to not. Using the opacity functionality works pretty well for this effect, but only allows me to define a single tint for a material. Is there any chance of that supporting a texture to define the tint color in the future? Maybe in the near future? :sweat_smile: I could see a workaround of defining multiple materials for each type of glass in my scene, but I think it would still not capture the subtleties of the range of colors present in the glass.

Additional note: I know that you can use the diffuse texture to inform the tint color, so would it be possible to just make this point to another texture instead?

@nehon maybe it could make sense to allow an arbitrary texture in the Tint / refractionColor channel? Same for ClearCoatTint