Texture Issues when exporting from autodesk maya

(Preamp) #1

Hi I have been having an issue with one file in particular, when I have a model in Maya everything is fine, all textures are applied and export from Maya in the selected.

When I try to upload none of the materials upload and I get a scene-root as an all textures in one. There are about six sets of textures with this particular model.

I cant upload using the Maya exporter either

Yes I realize this must have been posted a million times,

(Mrchlblng) #3

@preamp I just looked at one of your last uploads and it seems you're uploading a "naked" OBJ (i.e. the OBJ without the corresponding MTL). In this case, we do not create the materials and that's why you end up with a single "scene - root" material.
So you need to reupload with the material library file to get everything working as you expect.

(Preamp) #4

Hi I have the mtl file, but it doesnt seem to be working, its in the folder with the materials. Im wondering if its the model itself, but I am using two different copies of the model

(Preamp) #5

Ok so I had to export the model as a DAE file, that worked