Texture Mapping Issue (Rhino Mac)

(Ellvixson) #1

Hello Sketchfab Community!

I am having issue accessing to the custom mapping function in Rhino Mac, I wonder if anyone has experience in the program. I would be doing the texture mapping to get the wood grains before uploading to sketchfab.

I have successfully map one of the part as shown in the screen, however when I tried editing the table legs(change from default>custom), it recognised as 'Unknown Command'. If anyone knows how should I go about fixing this?

Are there any other extermal rendering program for 3D models? Thank you



I think it's because it's a Block Instance. You should use polysurfaces or meshes instead.

(Ellvixson) #3

Hello James

Thank you for your help. How can I convert my model into polysurfaces or meshes? Nonetheless, I managed to solve it by exploding the 'table legs' into parts and apply texture on them, is that how the block instance being converted into polysurfaces?