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Texture Mapping Problem

(Jk76) #1

Hi there! I love Sketchfab and I'll try to make a cosmetique "thing" which I created on Cinema4D. Via plugin - there's no problem.
But I'm not able to put the print around the Package. I have no idea, what's going wrong. It's very strong scaled and i cannot fix it. What did I wrong? In C4D the corpus was made with Lathe Nurbs.
Thanks for help - greetings from Cologne, Germany

Link to file:

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @jk76,

So you can apply it but it's vertically stretched ? Could you try uploading it again using FBX ?
Maybe it's an UV issue, we will check this.

(Jk76) #3

GREAT! Now I have also UV0, UV1 etc...
For some more complex models the plug-in doesn't work right fine. I'll tried .OBJ but not fbx. Thankx!

It's not possible to move the texture up and down? If not, i'll make it larger to have the correct placement.

(Waleguene) #4

Do you have an example of model that doesn't work ? The exporter needs to be updated, so don't hesitate to send us some .c4d samples so that we can take a look and check what's wrong.

Note that you can send us files privately (with forum messages or

In fact, FBX is much richer than OBJ for 3D scene export, and you can't export animation with OBJ.
You can't move the texture up and down on Sketchfab, we use the UV (texture coordinates) data that is exported in the file to place the texture on the geometries.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Jk76) #5

I'll send one. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the very fast supply!

What I did not understand: It is possbile to mapp more than one texture on the same Mesh?


You can't have, say, two Diffuse textures on the same material, but you could use different UV mapping on the same material for Diffuse and Specular, etc.

(Arta82359) #7

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