Texture maps aren't working?

(Eden West) #1

Hey everyone! I recently came to sketchfab and love this site! It's a fantastic site for uploading your 3D models!

I have just been recently uploading my models and i'm getting some really weird issues with my low poly texture maps. When I upload my low poly model and manually add my texture maps, it completely ignores some areas of my model as if it never had a map in that area in the first place. It's very odd and I have some pictures to show you what I mean.

From sketchfab. It's missing the handle and the front nobs.

From marmoset.

Mind you this is the exact same files I used to load up my Marmoset toolbag version and yet it's fine, but when I try to load the same files on here it seems to freak out. :/ Anyone have any idea why? I would greatly appreciate the insight! I always wonder if i'm completely missing something obvious from the get go when this happens.

If anyone can help, Thanks!

(Stephomi) #2

There is 2 different materials
"default" (<- handle and knob stuffs)

Nice models by the way :).

(Eden West) #3

Oh man thank you so much for pointing that out! I was sitting there scratching my head and then finally saw the tab to switch to default. THANK YOU! I was so confused! I appreciate the help and thank you very much! smile