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Texture not showed from blender

(Pinterac) #1

170704_2_Dentiste.rar (196.0 KB)

When import this on sketcfab i didnt see any texture while on blender here is the render :
on sketcfab :

Why texture isnt detected while she is upload with the mesh? thanks :smiley:

(Lord00120) #2

For starters, it doesnt seem like your model has correct UV's on sketchfab, did you forget to export them? Also you have to set the material up in the sketchfab editor, you're using this image to set reflectivity in blender, to copy these settings to sketchfab you'll need to understand the pbr workflow. I made it look like this for example:

(Pinterac) #3

its not UV mapping its "gererated" mapping on blender

does that mean sketchfab ONLY work with UV mapping and not others features?

(Lord00120) #4

I'm pretty sure that sketchfab wont work with blendergenerated mapping yes
But check out this post: