Texture obj file

(Leka) #1

I tried to upload a model (iPhone 6s) in Sketchfab, but I have a problem.

I use Keyshot for my render and when I export .obj file, the "picture" (home screen) disappears.

So I tried to add this home screen in Sketchfab, but the image is imported as a texture so my image is repeated.

My Software CAD is Solidworks and the problem is the same, the home screen doesn't appears in Sketchfab.
Have you a solution for my problem ? Do I have to use other software?
Thank you

(Bart) #2

Hmm, it sounds like the UV map may be incorrect. Have you tried viewing the model in another app, like MeshLab? If it's correct in other apps then there may be a bug on our end - if you could share the URL of your model, or email your files to support@sketchfab.com we'll look in to it.

(Leka) #3

I tried to put my model in meshlab, but the "home screen" doesn't appears. I think the problem comes from the conversion into obj.
My model is here : https://grabcad.com/library/iphone-6-plus-6


As far as I know, KeyShot does not export textures and has no UV or baking features.

The home screen will probably have to be remapped in other software like Blender.

(Leka) #5

Ok, thank you
I also think it is the best solution