Texture problem on the viewer

(Ivanix88) #1

Hi, I noticed a problem in the viewer with my latest model:

On the viewer, the textures look like with a quality loss (see image below):

But it's shown correctly in the 3D Editor:

Reuploading the image solves the issue for a few minutes, but then the quality loss comes back again.

Any idea of how to fix it?


Thanks for the report. Definitely looks like an issue with our image compression.

(Jorditorres) #3

Hi @Ivanix88,

We can't reproduce the problem. Did you replaced the problematic texture with an higher resolution one? If this is the case, can you send us the previous texture so we can test?


(Shaderbytes) #4

mm the time after upload describes issues with compression well, the screenshots dont. That is one huge gap in the lines in the road for it to close due to compression? unless this is mapped to a very small area of the chart?

(Ivanix88) #5

@jorditorres Sorry, I changed the textures with others with higher resolution to fix it for the moment. But I had another one uploaded as a test which shows the problem as well:

Does it work to reproduce the problem? If not, I will update the first one again.

@shaderbytes The gaps between the lines in the road have about 7 or 8 pixels (not a great unwrap, but the road gets almost the full wide of the texture map, which is 1024x1024).

(Jorditorres) #6

Yeah, I can reproduce. Thank you!