Texture problem

(Etc Krjp) #1

this is my first time here -
i was trying to export texture from Substance painter into sketchfab
but it isn't working properly. i couldn't find the texture on the fab and
just Maya's default material color was the only thing that i can see on the screen.

can you guys help me with this problem ?

skechfab > https://goo.gl/2VFW32

maya modeling set material > https://goo.gl/753i3f

and this is substance painter >> https://goo.gl/vqCpTJ

How can i fix this problem? NEED HELP


Hmm, all the textures are in the editor, but we couldn't apply them automatically because the material names don't match.

We match the material names to the texture image names. For example, "battery2_normal.jpg" will be used as the normal map for the material "battery2". However, all your materials are names "blinnXXX", I suspect left over from Maya? I'm not sure why that would happen. Do you have control over the material names in Substance before uploading?

By the way, you have a ton of unique materials here. Substance exports 5 2k textures for each material, so this model is going to be really slow to load when all those textures are applied. It's best to combine these into fewer objects/materials, especially any small parts.