TEXTURE Problem!


(Danielsixel) #1

Hi! how’s everyone? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to upload some textures inside my model directly on sketchfab, but when I do it, it (the model) lose all the details, and get all black or all colored. The type of texture I’m trying to put is a .png or .jpeg image … common one, and I made the model on blender … should I re-upload it with the … UV mapping of each part?



Can you share the link to the model? Have you saved settings after adding the texture?

(Danielsixel) #3

Yep, what I’m trying to do now is … re-uploading the model with all the uv mapping made … let’s see if it works.

(Danielsixel) #4

this is the error that keeps annoying me

(Danielsixel) #6

linked a photo with the error … see?


I see the photo, but I still don’t see a model link. The only model on your account seems to be the hylian sword ( https://sketchfab.com/models/d53c20ed76894c238971b47cb51af5d4 ).