Texture Render Issue

Hey all, just looking for a little help with a texture issue I’m having. Any help is much appreciated.
So I uploaded a new model, applied all my usual settings and was happy with the render, then later when I came back to look at the model it’s texture had gone weird, showing pigments/colours that aren’t actually in the texture file.

Initial render (How it should be):

How it looked 10mins later (no settings changed):

If someone could explain how this has happened and how to fix, you would be a huge help.
Thank you!


Maybe it’s just my phone screen is too small, but I don’t see any difference :slight_smile:
Edit: ahh… I see it now. I think it could be the Sketchfab compressing it. Try changing settings on material texture inputs

Thanks for replying, unfortunately I had no luck. If anyone else has any ideas I’m open to hearing them, thank you!

Hmmm. Its a shame. I have a crazy idea. How big is your texture size? Can you upscale it?

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It’s 64x64, but I know what you’re getting at. I’ll give that a try in just a bit. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s a nice idea, thank you!

Strange. I reprocessed the model and textures because there was something else weird going on.

There is now a very tiny difference between the compressed and uncompressed version of the texture. I would not have noticed it if I weren’t looking very closely.

Going up to 128x128 might help, I’m not sure.

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Thank you all! I tried the upscaling to 128x128 res and it worked a treat. Unfortunately I still have a little z-fighting between a couple of planes, but that’s down to a bad .obj export, which I couldn’t seem to get around before anyway, but that’s okay as it’s still much better. Thank you very much for taking the time to help! Chest Model


Glad that worked for you! I don’t see the z-fighting though :confused:

It’s very minimal, so I’m happy :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help!

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To prevent the z-fighting you need to move some of the overlapping Polys away from each other (or better no have them at all). I am not sure, but I think vsync helps with z-fighting. I know some games have this option, but I don’t think its the case in Sketchfab.

Oh I completely get that and I know how that works. Those planes on the model aren’t actually touching in the format that I’ve used for them, it’s just the .obj export that has somewhat mushed them together. I did try moving them, but ended with the same result. It’s fine though.


I reprocessed the model without vertex compression, and it’s ok now. Sorry about that!

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Thank you James! :wink: