Texture resolution

(Aveeroja) #1

Can anyone help me understand why I can't choose texture resolution?

(Stephomi) #2

It can mean two things :
- there's no textures on the model
- the optimised texture are not yet generated

(Aveeroja) #3

There is a texture!

Maybe it's because of this issue - after uploading my model I'm receiving this message:

The model itself was created using Agisoft Photoscan Professsional and I have no idea how to fix this "invalid normals" problem...

(Stephomi) #4

The normal problem is just a warning, don't worry too much about it.

Generating optimized textures can take some time, usually it takes less than 30 minutes in most cases, however we recently introduced a bug and it takes several few hours... frowning
We'll try to fix the bug asap.

Also, note that each time you change a setting in the editor and resave your model, we'll regenerate all the textures.
So, if you edit your model, save, and wonder why you lost the "hd button" it's perfectly normal and means you have to wait for it a bit.

Don't hesitate to paste the model's url so that we can see if there's another issue than the one I mentioned ?